A Fresh Start

There's nothing better than feeling organised and although I have wanted to start a new blog for quite a while now I have never felt like I was in a place where I would be able to do it the way I wanted. I eventually figured that if I'm going to do it why not right now. I had issues getting the URL I'd prefer and my Macbook is currently broken but I'm refusing to let excuses get in the way this time. So with a day off work and taking over my boyfriends laptop it's time to get started.

I figured the best way to begin would be with a huge clear out. I have spent my day throwing out a lot of beauty, skincare and hair products so I can truly start from scratch again. I'm excited now that I have done this because I have a terrible habit of 'saving things for special occasions' so now I have a great collection of things to use up. I'm currently living in my first flat with my boyfriend but it is quite small so storing make up has been a nightmare and I think having all my stuff all over our dining table is driving him a little crazy (he's definitely the housewife in our relationship).

I'm quite proud of myself for getting rid of so much and it means that I can now get good use of the products I already have, as well as giving me the best excuse to try out all of the new releases.

After a swap around I realised how perfect the drawers I already had were. If you're looking for extra storage this is the MALM drawer from IKEA and it's so good for keeping my makeup neat and tidy (until I do a Boots haul and run out of space), the mirror is also an added bonus.

I really do believe that a good clear out and tidy can really help clear your mind and help you move forward.
Do you find this helpful too?

Jessica x


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