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Monday night was my works Christmas party (better late than never) and after many glasses of wine I started getting pretty excited about the fact that I had totally forgotten about my red lipstick. After a quick panic trying to find my compact mirror, I noticed it actually hadn't smudged all over my face or faded to the point of having a weird 90s lip liner moment. Forgetting about it again and after enjoying a delicious Indian meal I realised that my lipstick was still in the same perfect condition as when I had applied it at home before leaving. To be honest, I couldn't quite believe that it had lasted through drinks and a full 3 course meal. Usually with red lipstick it ends up fading and I just have to remove it whilst eating food where as this stayed put for such a long time (especially for a bold colour that isn't matte).

The Products:
Thanks to my ridiculous amount of Boots points I decided to treat myself to the YSL Rouge Pur Courture in 64 and I am so glad I did. I hadn't treated myself to a red in a while and this was my first YSL lip purchase, it has such a luxurious creamy texture and glides on the lips like a dream. This colour is definitely one of my favourite red shades too as it has a pink tone to it and I love the coolness of that. I know a lot of people prefer mattes when it comes to a bold red but this gives such lovely shine to the lips without look too glossy.

After treating myself to the YSL lipstick I realised I need a lip liner to go with it so I reached for Rimmel's Exaggerate Lip Liner in Red Diva. You can tell from the swatch below that it is definitely a deeper red but they go together so well. It's great to apply and feels very creamy which is a nice change as I find that some lip liners tend to be quite drying. Once applied it doesn't budge at all and as much as I love my new YSL lipstick, the longevity of this lip liner is amazing. As I said earlier it didn't budge after drinks and a 3 course meal which is pretty impressive when braving a bold lip. Even though the YSL lipstick still has good staying power I think its definitely lip liner that really helps lock it in place and at £3.99 it's definitely worth investing in.

Myself and Kerry out for our Christmas party

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  1. This shade looks seriously amazing on you! I love the YSL glosses, really need to try out their lipsticks! :)



  2. Beautyqueenuk05/02/2015, 10:26

    That is a great combination and it looks great on you. I am a huge fan of YSL lipsticks x

  3. Alyssia Slade05/02/2015, 10:41

    That lipstick looks so amazing, and glad to hear that it was long lasting too!


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