Spring Mixtape/Life Update

Hey everyone, just a little update to say that I am still here...

Next month I am off to Europe for 5 weeks of travelling which I am so excited about, but obviously that means I have been doing extra hours to save and that is why I have been quite absent on here. I also had some even more excited news and I have been offered a promotion at work to be a Duty Manager, which is great and I can't wait for that to kick in when I get back in July. However, it also means that I'll have even less time to post on here. At the moment the plan is to post whenever I can until I can figure out a decent routine, which I know is very vague but it's better than not trying. Even though it's not an ideal plan at the moment I am really excited to get back into blogging.

Anyways, I figured instead of just having a lengthy explanation about where I have been, I would also share with you what I have been listening to recently. I've been trying to find some new bands to listen to and I feel like this is a good collection of songs I have discovered.

I hope you're all well! Let me know if you enjoy any of these songs or if you have any recommendations for me.

Jessica x

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