III. Colmar

The journey from Bruges to Colmar was probably the worst train ride ever.. After a lot of strong Belgium beers we were still drunk on our way to the station at 4am. Luckily, Colmar ended up being the perfect place to be whilst incredibly hungover, as it is just a small city in France we were able to just chill and wander around. We visited the Bartholdi museum which was super interesting as he is the French sculptor who designed the Statue of Liberty and the Lion of Belfort, then we took a stroll around 'Little Venice'. However, the best thing is that Colmar is in the Region of Alsace so we got to enjoy some delicious local Tarte Flambée, which taste amazing and I am so pleased I'm able to get my fix of them at work. This visit was also a nice treat as we actually stayed in an Air BnB apartment which was a nice brief change from hostels.

- JG x


  1. Though hangover sounds like you had a nice visit, I would love to tour Europe one day.

  2. Hangover aside, looks like you guys had a nice time. Love the pictures.


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