LUSH Salted Coconut

Unlike the majority of the UK I rarely shop at Lush, however, recently I've been wanting to try out more of their products especially as I can rely on them being cruelty free. Typically the day I decided to go it was the release of their Halloween products which meant you could barely move around their Nottingham store as it was absolutely packed. I ended up being in the store for about 2 minutes as it was so busy but on my way out their Salted Coconut scrub caught my attention immediately so I quickly grabbed it, paid and left.

I'm not usually a fan of scrubs as they tend to be too abrasive and thick yet with this one the texture is so fine, soft and super creamy. My hands are always in need of extra attention as they can get quite dry and as soon as I slathered this on it felt absolutely lovely. At the moment I tend to use it on my hands and forearms and once you've rubbed it in for a minute or so then wash it off, my skin has never felt so soft. It's probably because I'm so terrible with remembering to moisturise but don't forget to after using this, as lovely as it is with most scrubs your skin can feel just as dry later on so as long as you remember that you'll have the softest hands ever.

Now that I'm totally obsessed, I'm definitely going to check out the Newcastle store now that I am home and stock up on a few more scrubs and other products.

Have you tried this or are there any other Lush products you can recommend?

JG x


  1. I've never noticed this before (and I've never heard of any brand making a hand scrub before either!) but it sounds so good. My hands get really dry in winter so I think I need to get hold of it! I think my favourite Lush product is Ultrabland - it's an amazing cleanser that removes every scrap of make-up :) xx


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