Thor's Cave

After a lovely morning at the dentist getting root canal, I quickly got bored of sitting in the house and needed something to distract me from yanking on my very numb mouth. After a think about where to go, we decided to drive up to the Peaks and have a little explore around Thor's Cave. Although it doesn't look it from the photos the cave itself was a lot higher than we originally expected, but we managed to trek up and avoided falling down the sheer drop on the side.

Evening though it was quite a grey day we still had a great time wandering around so I thought I would share a couple pictures straight from the camera as I felt like doing a quick upload before I get wrapped up in bed and re-watch another Greys episode.

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I promised I won't leave it another 2 months for the next post.. Haha. There's lots of planning going on at the moment to get some routine on here so I shall keep you all updated.
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