Mam Tor

On Wednesday I managed to persuade Dave to drive us up to Castleton as we had the day off together and I really fancied going for a wander. We ventured up to the top of Mam Tor, sat on the edge and had a little picnic whilst continuously saying 'hello' to the sheep, as you do. We didn't spend as much time up there as we wanted as it was incredibly cold and windy, although the sun was out there was also random bursts of snow and for some silly reason I don't actually own any gloves. After wandering around we decided to take a walk back down and then head into the village.

We found a couple decent hiking shops so treated ourselves to a few things for our trip to Norway next month, gloves were first on the list for sure. After that we just continued to walk around the village and naturally had a little spy on the cutest farm animals. We ended up heading home fairly early as it was bitter cold that day but I can't wait to go back in the summer and have a proper walk around Mam Tor and that whole area as the view over Hope Valley was absolutely lovely.

Have to been to Mam Tor before? I'd definitely recommend visiting.

Where are your favourite places to go hiking in the Peak District or UK in general? We're always trying to find new places to wander. 


Video | City and Colour, Brighton

I plan on doing some more of these vlog-style travel videos so don't forget to comment/thumbs up the video and let me know what you think :)


Video | Europe 2015

I eventually got round to putting together some footage from our trip around Europe last year. I still need to get round to posting some more pictures from our trip on here too. Anyways, thanks for watching and let me know what you think!



Crumbs Kitchen

The other weekend we visited Cardiff for a couple days as I had bought Dave some gig tickets for Coheed and Cambria as part of his Christmas presents. We got there for 12pm on a super rainy day and had a few hours to waste before we could check in to our hotel. After a little search on Happy Cow for some small vegetarian cafes we had almost decided where to go for lunch but then changed our minds last minute as the menu didn't look great. Now we were even more hungry we had the fun task of finding somewhere different to eat whilst being incredibly hungry and indecisive as we didn't know what we fancied but didn't want to go to the typical restaurants you find everywhere.

Eventually, we wandered near the Morgan Arcade and noticed Crumbs Kitchen straight away. Tucked away in the corner it is a vegetarian restaurant that specialises in healthy food and has the best looking salad bar I've ever seen. After pestering the staff with our indecisiveness, we eventually ordered and headed upstairs to enjoy our lunch. Now i'm not much of a restaurant/cafe reviewer but this place was absolutely lovely and I just really wanted to write a quick post as I'd definitely recommend it to anyone heading to Cardiff. Reasonably priced healthy food with sooo much to choose from in a lovely chilled environment, I wish there was something a little more like this near us.
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