Berlin | Black Sheep Cafe


When looking up places to visit in Berlin, Black Sheep Cafe was one of the first on my list. It's a 100% vegan cafe/deli and after seeing it featured on Plantbased Traveller's Kombucha video's I really wanted to head over and try it out.

On our first mission to find breakfast, this was definitely one of the places I was most excited to try out. And it lived up for sure.

The cafe itself is chilled and bright, with a very simple set up. After a little glance at what food they had on offer we went straight for their Maple Tofu Bagel and oh my goodness, it was the best thing I've ever had. I'm not even over exaggerating. The bagel itself was unreal and all the fillings together was just.. mmmm. I didn't want it to end. I still think about that bagel daily. Not even joking. Now after writing this I need to go and find some bagels, but the sad thing is they wont be as good.

Delicious bagels aside, if you ever go here also get a soya flat white because they're absolutely lovely and creamy. You'd think Dave and I were incredibly drunk or starved when we visited, but no.. we were that excited and it was that delicious..

In all seriousness though, this little place is definitely worth checking out if you're around that area or if you're planning to visit Berlin.


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