Wild Blackberry Jam

I really enjoyed my first try at making jam, especially when I had actually picked the fruit myself.
Have you ever tried making anything with wild blackberries before?

I really hope you enjoyed this simple recipe, there will be a couple more blackberry recipe posts soon as they're in season and I am now obsessed, haha.

Jessica x

A weekend in Scotland

As Dave had a job in Scotland at the same time as our anniversary we figured we might as well make a little trip out of it. It was lush, we had a few days near Loch Lomond and then a little trip back to Newcastle on the way back down.

I imagine this video is too long and boring for anyone else but I had such a lovely chilled weekend (even though I winged to Dave entire time as I caught his cold and felt like crap most of the time, haha).

I still found it nice and relaxing to watch through as I am always craving camping trips and reading by the fire. Plus, Ruby is adorable and I could watch videos of her all day everyday.

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I can't wait to go back to Scotland again, we really wanna do the West Highland Way next time we're up that way!


Lady Balls

Too Faced Melted Matte in Lady Balls

Quick post today as I really felt like sharing my absolute favourite red lip and with this winning formula I really want every Melted Matte colour.



A postcard from South Milton Sands


Camping in Devon

As Dave had a job down South we thought it would be the perfect time to take a little trip to the coast. Since we have been down in the Midlands the coastline has definitely been one of my biggest misses as it is something I have always appreciated whilst growing up in the North East. Always one of our first stops when we go back home. 

Anyways, we thought we would take full advantage of the opportunity and when the UK heatwave was in full swing we packed up our camping gear and headed off down to the South West. Once we hit Devon we were weaving through overgrown hedge mazes trying to find our campsite. We had a lush little set up nestled into the trees at Higher Aunemouth Camp Site and what a lovely place it was. We were surrounded by so much woodland and wildlife yet had all the necessary ammenities close by, plus it was only a short walk away from Bantham Beach. I had the best time chilling out and spying on the animals. The day Dave had to go to work, Ruby and I just stayed at the campsite and I read my book in the tent whilst a little Blackbird kept swooping down to pinch our grapes, it was the best. I'd more than definitely head back to this little spot, especially for the wildlife and having a swim where the river meets the sea.



Berlin | Where to Stay | EASY Lodges (Scube Park)

This post has been in my drafts for quite sometime now as we actually got back from Berlin at the end of July last year and now that I'm writing this I can't believe it's almost a year ago! Anyways, I thoroughly enjoyed our trip and where we stayed so figured I would still go ahead and publish it.

When we go away we usually try to find somewhere a little different to a standard hotel and we stumbled upon Scube Park on Booking.com. It sounded perfect as we're both huge fans of camping and this place looked lovely and chilled, yet still close to the city. It was exactly all of that.

It has now also came to my attention that they seem to have renamed and now go by EASY Lodges Berlin, yet it seems like the exact same place just with a name change.

Scube Park/EASY Lodges is set up quite like a campsite as you get your own little cabin, yet there are main buildings for the showers and toilets etc. There's also a great social area set up with a bar next to the main cabin where you check in and if my memory serves me well there was even a fire pit there as well which would be great to take advantage of on a cosy evening. Each cabin has a simple set up yet it has everything you need in terms of electricity, heating, bedding and wi-fi. You also have plenty of options when it comes to the cabins depending on how many people are staying and how much space you need.

The location was perfect, we had a lovely wander around one of the local parks and it seemed like a great place to cycle from yet as the Underground was so close by we tended to use that most of the time. There was even an amazing falafel place just up the road that we'd pop to if we fancied a late night treat.

Even thought there is quite a delay in this publishing this blog post, it is still definitely somewhere I would recommend to stay if you're visiting Berlin and fancy something a little different but still very comfortable.





I am constantly wanting to re-do this blog and start again. It's so frustrating. And truly pointless. There's definitely going to be a lot of changes going on but for now I really need to just write a post and publish it. I have put it off for months now.

You get to the point where you feel like you need this big comeback. Even though it's for nobody but yourself. Yet as always, we're forever putting silly pressures on ourselves. I've always been interested in blogging and wanted to stick to it, however, I find myself with a lot of different interests and I'm forever going through phases. So when trying to categorise yourself, it just doesn't work and then I end up doing nothing.

I truly want to start blogging again, I have for months now I just keep putting it off. Mainly because of this constant idea of wanting to redo things. I even changed my header to REDO late last year. Simply because I keep wanting to redo my blog so much (yet still never did it) and I figured once it is redesigned as REDO rather than my own name I can stop pressuring myself as much. Surely you can't redo redo, right?

Anyways, expect more posts. They will probably be quite sporadic but that's what I need. I'm not even a 'blogger' but already know of the pressures people put on themselves and if I do that to myself straight away. It wont last. I just want a space to express myself and share my interests. Whenever I feel like. The-REDO will be that.

Thanks for letting me ramble.

I'll be back soon!

Jessica x
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