I am constantly wanting to re-do this blog and start again. It's so frustrating. And truly pointless. There's definitely going to be a lot of changes going on but for now I really need to just write a post and publish it. I have put it off for months now.

You get to the point where you feel like you need this big comeback. Even though it's for nobody but yourself. Yet as always, we're forever putting silly pressures on ourselves. I've always been interested in blogging and wanted to stick to it, however, I find myself with a lot of different interests and I'm forever going through phases. So when trying to categorise yourself, it just doesn't work and then I end up doing nothing.

I truly want to start blogging again, I have for months now I just keep putting it off. Mainly because of this constant idea of wanting to redo things. I even changed my header to REDO late last year. Simply because I keep wanting to redo my blog so much (yet still never did it) and I figured once it is redesigned as REDO rather than my own name I can stop pressuring myself as much. Surely you can't redo redo, right?

Anyways, expect more posts. They will probably be quite sporadic but that's what I need. I'm not even a 'blogger' but already know of the pressures people put on themselves and if I do that to myself straight away. It wont last. I just want a space to express myself and share my interests. Whenever I feel like. The-REDO will be that.

Thanks for letting me ramble.

I'll be back soon!

Jessica x
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