Bluebird Tea Co Launch Party

Photography & Words: Jessica Taylor
Last week I headed down to the Bluebird Tea Co Launch Par-TEA, after a few successful stores further down South it was about time we were treated to a store in the Midlands. As Nottingham is the hometown to the two founders Mike and Krisi it's a perfect fit.

Now since it was the launch event the store was very busy (plus, I did get their eagerly early) so I decided to try out one of the tea cocktails and have a sit down whilst the store was packed. There was definitely an excited atmosphere which made even sitting in the corner fun, hah. I got talking to a few people nearby which was lovely as I was there alone and this was my first event since properly relaunching my blog. I then met the lovely Juliet and we decided to have a nosey around.

The store was full of goodies, we had a hunt through their huge collection of teas and even their new festive treats. After that we headed downstairs to find a full tea station set up where you could make your own blend. I have to admit, mine wasn't the most creative as I had a cold coming so all I fancied was a nice refreshing peppermint. Delicious nonetheless. We were also treated to some screen printing where we could include the new Nottingham stamp onto our own bags. 

After all the fun downstairs we decided to head back up to the main room and start actually trying some teas. With such a huge selection it's hard to actually decide which to pick but in the end I decided to go for Carrot Cake. A light Rooibus tea described as a "yummy scrummy cakey cuppa with nutty notes and a touch of spice" served loose leaf in their signature Brewdini infusers, timed to perfection. It was delicious! After a lovely cuppa and smelling some of the other gorgeous teas I decided I had to treat myself and buy something to take home. It was before payday otherwise I would have bought most of the store. One sniff of Bears Like Marmalade and this orange fangirl had to take some home. Now that the tasting and shopping was over we had a little chat with the lovely owners and then continued to browse around before calling it a night. It was such a lovely opening party and I can't wait to go back to the store when I am next in town.

What are your favourite teas? Have you tried Bluebird Tea Co before?

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Photography & Words: Jessica Taylor
After spending quite some time using up old products it has been a while since I have been able to try something new, an especially long time since something has blown me away. Like many people, mascara is my go to product. You know, the whole 'if you were stranded on a desert island' situation...

Ever since I started wearing makeup, mascara was always my favourite. Thick, lengthened lashes were bae. However, that changed a couple of years ago when I went cruelty free. Now this isn't to say that all cruelty free mascara's aren't any good, I just hadn't found any yet. My lot were just alright really, they did the job whilst I was narrowing down my collection without wasting anything. After using up the poorer ones, I was left with a good selection that made me pretty happy. Or so I thought. On a birthday Sephora trip in NYC I decided to pick up the Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara.
I hmmm'd and arrrrr'd about choosing a Tarte one, a brand that I had heard so much about but I couldn't decide. I bottled it, too much choice. Drawn back to the Marc Jacobs stand as I remembered the beauty brand was actually cruelty free, I just picked up a mascara and chucked in it my basket. Good job too eh.

On first impressions I fell in love. The thick bristles really grip to the lashes and help fully coat each individual one. This mascara glides on perfectly and allows you to apply as many layers as you like. Lengthened lashes that aren't weighed down no matter how many layers. Plus, the super sleek packaging is also a massive bonus that will sit beautifully on your dressing table.

This has genuinely been one of those products has got me so excited about make up again. Another pleasant surprise is that Marc Jacobs Beauty is actually available online at John Lewis which I never realised before.

PS, to clear up the confusion that I once had... Marc Jacob's Beauty is cruelty free however, unfortunately Marc Jacob's Fragrance is not. There is a post on Logical Harmony about this too. 

What is your favourite product at the moment?

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