November Favourites

My absolute favourite discovery of the month. I came across it on Twitter and I am not sure if from following Sam herself or through a retweet. Either way, I am totally onboard. Rebel Hearts is a podcast about women in music and fighting sexism which is totally what I am into. Started back in April this year Rebel Hearts has 28 episodes filled with great conversation and music. She's a big Paramore fan, like myself, so listening to her podcasts is just like chilling with a friend.
Listen via iTunes or Soundcloud.

A little bit of skincare has to show its face in a November favs, dry weather = dry skin and we all know that! I've found Evercalm to be a great moisturiser to help my skin out all year round but especially in these colder months. Now I need to stock up as this one is now empty :(

I've been wanting a blue liner for months now but could never find the shade I was after. Even with this one in Vivid Sapphire, it wasn't actually what I was looking for but I felt like treating myself and it was about time I picked one up. So pleased I did, it is a lovely shade and I am obsessed. I also picked up Vivid Fire and I am super excited to try that one out properly. 

'26' PIN
After Laughter has been without a doubt my favourite album this year, and I would love to write a blog post about it sometime soon but we shall see. Until then, as soon as I saw Emma's new pin that she had on sale I just had to grab one before they were gone. Based off lyrics from '26', it's such a lovely pin.
Available on Big Cartel. (Edit: Currently sold out)

I'll be honest, I rarely pick this palette up but as soon as A/W hit I was definitely leaning more towards it. Specifically 'Warm Notes', this is the eye shadow shade I have been getting so much wear out of. Such a gorgeous warm, shiny burgundy.

Recently featured in my posted "I'm Finally Embracing Baggy A/W Knits" post, I am still obsessed. It's super soft, comfy and I often find my self just playing with the frilly bits, haha. Cheap as chips from Primark too, so I would definitely recommend it now that the SNOW HAS ARRIVED!!!!! (Bloody hell. What is going on today? I still can't believe it).

I don't think these guys need explaining... My favourite festive film so I just had to!

This one is a last minute addition as I actually only noticed this series late last night whilst spending my evening watching YouTube videos. I have actually only watched the Margot Robbie and Jake Gyllenhaal chat but I thoroughly enjoyed it. I absolutely love Margot Robbie and I'm really excited for I, Tonya to come out, especially since watching that Actors on Actors video. I just think it's a great interview idea and it seems more natural when the actors have known each other for a while, rather than just random interviewers. Like I say, I haven't watched many to properly testify but I thought I would share as they seem to have a great selection of people on too. 

I finally updated my blog logo, probably not as exciting to others but it definitely is for me. I'm still super happy that I got back into blogging properly again. Now I am just on a mission to get things a bit more personal around here. I have had this site (previously JessicaGrace.me) for about 3 or 4 years now and looking back on previous posts I just don't feel like it's very me. Hence the whole redo thing (lol). Super excited to get working on some new content and to share more of my interests.

What are your current favourites?
PS, I'll see you guys at the front... 🙊

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IT Cosmetics CC Cream Foundation

I imagine now that everyone is sick and tired of hearing about 'dewy skin' now that the summer months are over.

However, I am the opposite during the Autumn/Winter months. I'd much rather wear dewy foundations that keep my skin looking hydrated and alive. Often times matte finishes tend to dry my skin out and my make up ends up sitting quite flat. That's not something I want, especially when my skin is generally dryer in the colder months. It's not even a super dewy foundation either, it's not sticky or tacky, it just blends with the skin really nicely and leaves a subtle glow that doesn't have you feeling too shiny.

One thing to note is that this product does have a scent and it surprised me at first as I totally didn't expect it to and it is quite a strong lemon scent, which did kinda remind me of bathroom cleaner on first impressions. I do love citrus scents anyways so it grew on me straight away and it doesn't linger on my skin at all. Another thing is that their shade range could be improved as there are only seven shades. Although they offer a paler shade ('fair') I found that to be too pale so I use 'light' which is actually too dark. Typical! I have to tone it down a notch with another lightweight foundation (post coming soon, haha) so that I can get a perfect match.

Asides from two things to note I really would recommend this foundation (ps. definitely a foundation, it has heavier coverage than a CC cream). The finish, coverage and lasting power is fantastic and I barely have to touch up during a day at work. Also, the fact that it has SPF 50+ is amazing, you still need protection from that low Winter sun. Now available in the UK through Selfridge's website, it's definitely a great cruelty free foundation to try out.

What's your current go-to foundation?


Sunday BumbleBFF Brunch

This morning I headed into town to attend the BumbleBFF event that Jess was kindly hosting. It was held at Blend, which is already one of my favourite spots in Nottingham. Such a bright, open space that is great for having a coffee or bite to eat whilst knuckling down on some work. All the natural light in that places really does help pick you up and keep you motivated.

Now, to be honest I had never heard of Bumble until I had saw Jess's post about her becoming their Nottingham Queen Bee. I was lucky enough to be invited to her first Bumble event and I had a lovely morning. I got chatting to the lovely Becki, Becca and a few other girls there and it was absolutely lush to meet so many likeminded ladies.

So much chatting and pastry eating that I actually forgot to take more photos! Oops..

As I was chatting to a few of the girls we realised and all agreed that it seems the older you get the less opportunity there is to meet other likeminded people. Unless, of course, you're super social and go out all of the time. That's not me, unfortunately. Which is why in my recent 'Setting Myself Some Goals' post I included that I would try to attend more events to help push me out of my comfort zone. Since moving from Newcastle to Nottingham about 3 and a half years ago, the only time I've been able to meet new people is through work. Which is why I think something like Bumble BFF is a great idea. There is definitely something very motivating and empowering about surrounding yourself with a good group of ladies and that is definitely something I have missed since moving away from my home city.

Short and sweet post this evening but I hope you have all had a wonderful Sunday and here's to meeting new people and making new friends! 



This may seem like a silly post, but as much as I absolutely love big baggy jumpers and hoodies I normally shy away from them when out in public. Everyone has their own body image issues, and essentially I’ve never really allowed myself to wear something ‘unflattering’. Funny when this is my perfect lounge wear to hide away in when I’m chilling in the comfort of my own home.

But yeah, frilly jumpers and patterned pants aren’t typically my go to. Something I always admire on others, but again, something I would never think to wear myself because I never thought I’d suit them or because I thought they’d emphasise certain places I was unhappy with or whatever. Exactly, whatever. I’m past caring and I’m actually really enjoying fashion again. I even bought pink tartan-esque trousers the other month, a ever-so-slightly cropped t-shirt with awkwardly long sleeves and here I am posting photo’s of myself in a (not-so) frilly oversized jumper. It’s a funny thing too because I actually love these photo’s and I wouldn’t even say this outfit was particularly unflattering. I felt great and super comfortable. It’s just one of those silly things our brains do.

I guess you could basically say I’m no longer fretting over weight gain and I’m finally embracing baggy A/W knits.

What are your favourite and most comfortable A/W pieces?

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It's that time of year again when we all lose a little motivation and could do with a kick up the arse. So today I am sharing a few of my own goals in hopes that it well help them stick even more and keep me motivated during a dark rainy winter. Goal setting isn't something I usually do and this list isn't exactly world changing, however, I do think it is an important thing to help you stay on track. Plus, I do enjoy being nosey and reading other peoples. 


I am really enjoying being more active online at the moment and getting back into my blog. I want to continue this momentum and then I can hopefully figure out some kind of schedule for posting. Yay!

I'm so shit with money. Seriously. So shit. I am literally still that kid in high school that spent all her weekly lunch money on magazines and Ribena on Monday. But it's time to get some serious saving under my belt.

I really enjoyed the Bluebird event as it was lush to meet other people in Notts and get out of my comfort zone. I still very much feel like a little newbie around here, literally in Nottingham (even though I have lived here for 3 and a half years) and within blogging. Unfortunately, I did miss out on the Jingle Mingle as I was poorly but I am excited to, hopefully, get involved in more and push pass my social anxiety and general awkwardness haha.

By default it has to make an appearance on almost every goal list, right?

I'm not rushing to become a YouTuber anytime soon but I do have a few videos I still need to finish up from our trips, etc. They're not perfect, but I love putting together something we can look back on. I think the Norway video I did is my fav and it constantly makes me want to go back!

It is what it says on the tin. Time for another clear out before Christmas. We're usually pretty good at this and sending stuff off to the Charity shops but the time has come again. It's also time to keep an eye on what clothes I am actually wearing and turn all my hangers around. I find it's such a good technique to actually see what you haven't been using, that way makes it a little easier when it comes to getting rid.

What goals have you set yourself recently?

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