November Favourites

My absolute favourite discovery of the month. I came across it on Twitter and I am not sure if from following Sam herself or through a retweet. Either way, I am totally onboard. Rebel Hearts is a podcast about women in music and fighting sexism which is totally what I am into. Started back in April this year Rebel Hearts has 28 episodes filled with great conversation and music. She's a big Paramore fan, like myself, so listening to her podcasts is just like chilling with a friend.
Listen via iTunes or Soundcloud.

A little bit of skincare has to show its face in a November favs, dry weather = dry skin and we all know that! I've found Evercalm to be a great moisturiser to help my skin out all year round but especially in these colder months. Now I need to stock up as this one is now empty :(

I've been wanting a blue liner for months now but could never find the shade I was after. Even with this one in Vivid Sapphire, it wasn't actually what I was looking for but I felt like treating myself and it was about time I picked one up. So pleased I did, it is a lovely shade and I am obsessed. I also picked up Vivid Fire and I am super excited to try that one out properly. 

'26' PIN
After Laughter has been without a doubt my favourite album this year, and I would love to write a blog post about it sometime soon but we shall see. Until then, as soon as I saw Emma's new pin that she had on sale I just had to grab one before they were gone. Based off lyrics from '26', it's such a lovely pin.
Available on Big Cartel. (Edit: Currently sold out)

I'll be honest, I rarely pick this palette up but as soon as A/W hit I was definitely leaning more towards it. Specifically 'Warm Notes', this is the eye shadow shade I have been getting so much wear out of. Such a gorgeous warm, shiny burgundy.

Recently featured in my posted "I'm Finally Embracing Baggy A/W Knits" post, I am still obsessed. It's super soft, comfy and I often find my self just playing with the frilly bits, haha. Cheap as chips from Primark too, so I would definitely recommend it now that the SNOW HAS ARRIVED!!!!! (Bloody hell. What is going on today? I still can't believe it).

I don't think these guys need explaining... My favourite festive film so I just had to!

This one is a last minute addition as I actually only noticed this series late last night whilst spending my evening watching YouTube videos. I have actually only watched the Margot Robbie and Jake Gyllenhaal chat but I thoroughly enjoyed it. I absolutely love Margot Robbie and I'm really excited for I, Tonya to come out, especially since watching that Actors on Actors video. I just think it's a great interview idea and it seems more natural when the actors have known each other for a while, rather than just random interviewers. Like I say, I haven't watched many to properly testify but I thought I would share as they seem to have a great selection of people on too. 

I finally updated my blog logo, probably not as exciting to others but it definitely is for me. I'm still super happy that I got back into blogging properly again. Now I am just on a mission to get things a bit more personal around here. I have had this site (previously JessicaGrace.me) for about 3 or 4 years now and looking back on previous posts I just don't feel like it's very me. Hence the whole redo thing (lol). Super excited to get working on some new content and to share more of my interests.

What are your current favourites?
PS, I'll see you guys at the front... 🙊

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