Annoyingly, I did have this post drafted up way before my previously published 'Getting Shit Done' but I wanted to sit with it for a bit longer and to get some decent photos together. So I apologise that some recent posts have been spent talking about blogging more yet not actually publishing more. I am currently working on a lot of posts so I can get into a routine, however, it seemed silly to post anything before actually publishing this one. So now that my rambling is over I would love it if you continued reading to find out what I will be focusing on this year and what to expect from The REDO.

I love fashion yet I’ve never really felt I was confident enough to write about it or even post photos on my blog. That definitely changed by the end of last year though and with the help of Dave taking photographs for me I would absolutely love to get more fashion content up on here. I am super into fashion more so at the moment so I am very excited about this one. Mind you, I do have the tendency to dress like a teenage boy...

I've come to realise that I have never actually announced that I switched all of my beauty products to Cruelty Free ones. This happened a couple years ago now and I have even had a ‘Going Cruelty Free’ post in my drafts since mid 2015. I definitely still plan on publishing something about that, I just suddenly realised that until then if you went through my older blog posts you probably wouldn’t have known that due to some of the products I have previously mentioned. So yeah, expect more Cruelty Free beauty recommendations and feel free to recommend some to me too.

Music is a big part of my life and it definitely influences my fashion choices. I’m currently unsure of the format I want to go with for my music related pieces but you can definitely expect more music related content this year. Although I love it, it’s not something I feel massively confident writing about but you gotta start somewhere, right?!

We have no travels plans yet for this year, but whenever we have some, expect tonnes photographs.  T O N N E S .  I take to many and to be honest I could definitely share some from previous trips if that would be of interest to anyone.

I’ve definitely done some 'generic' blogger posts since I have started, so we’re stepping away from that and going with whatever I want to do and not what I feel like I should be doing. We definitely change a lot with age but atm I feel like I'm in such a good place in terms of feeling comfortable with myself. We're all still figuring shit out but I know what I do and don't like so we're rolling with that this year. I'd love to do more 'think-piece' style posts too but I think that phrase sounds a bit funny so we'll see.

I'm sure there'll be a lot more to come on The REDO but I really wanna nail down my genuine interests and find a way to share those things through this blog. I'm hella excited to be working on this little internet space again. Also, anyone else a fan of Freaks and Geeks? It's easily one of my favourite programmes.

Lastly, expect a new post every Tuesday!

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  1. Looking forward to reading more x

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