Turning off Push Notifications

One of the best things I did in early 2017 was turn off the majority of my push notifications. Sometimes just hearing my phone or feeling it vibrate every two minutes leaves me feeling stressed and anxious. Especially when the majority of the time it would be something unimportant like a message from an app I barely use or a random newsletter I never even signed up for. 

We're currently at a time online where almost everyone wants to be noticed and everyone wants you to go be in the loop on  e v e r y  little thing, #don'tforgettopushthenotificationbell. It is wonderful to see everyone supporting each other, however, it can get a little overwhelming. Now don't get me wrong, this post isn't to say that you should stop following your favourites or stop downloading any apps. If anything I am currently doing the opposite as I am trying to become more involved online and actually start communicating more... Lets just consider this your friendly reminder that you don't have to have your lock screen crowded with notifications of what other people are doing or what your phone wants you to look at next.

I have genuinely found turning off my push notifications to make such a positive change towards my relationship with my phone. Relationship? That sounds funny, right? But we do use them every single day and they do play a big part in our lives these days, there's no point trying to deny that.

So now with everything from Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and even my emails have been muted. It’s wonderful. You're less likely to get stuck scrolling through apps for no reason, or get caught up in all the ‘likes’ that keep popping up on your lock screen. I think I currently only have my blog Gmail and Messenger on. Even all those random apps you need every now and then… turn off the notifications! You can also specify how you would prefer the notifications to be displayed, or even if you still want them coming up but without the sound alerts. That way, whenever you actually want to use or check an app, you're able to catch up on what you've missed when you actually want or need to. Lets be real though, it's hardly gonna be that long.

The conversation about self care has came up quite a lot recently and this is something I would definitely recommend if you're wanting to make small changes towards bettering your mental health.

With that being said, here's to a happy and less stressful 2018! (and please don't take it personally if I don't reply straight away, ahah)

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