Bands I've Been Listening to Lately

I genuinely forgot what I used to listen to before After Laughter.

I feel like it's been forever since I actually discovered some new music and it's a funny one because it's actually The Distillers who I have only just got into. I can't even believe it myself really. I'd definitely heard of them and some friends are often posting their stuff online but for some reason I had never actually hit play. It's about bloody time, ey! Now I've got some catching up to do and I can't wait.

Dave made me laugh the other day too because he said something like "you proper love rock ladies don't ya?" ahahaha, aye a do pet. Then I realised that all these songs were actually female fronted and I didn't even do that intentionally. I definitely go through phases of seeking out more female artists especially when some of my fail safe pop punk/rock bands are typically all male members and lets be real, too many of them are letting us down.

Two of the new discoveries were Great Grandpa and Waxahatchee who actually came from Sam's recommendation on her podcast Rebel Hearts. As well as talking through different topics she often plays a couple songs too and it's an excellent way to find new stuff. Now I've caught up with all of the episodes, I've even been going back to go through her notes and replay some of the music she's featured.

Another fav who aren't currently on Spotify to make the cut, are Sit Down. A two piece from Brighton and I flippin' love them. I'd actually been following Katie on Instagram for a little while and she's cool as hell, really enjoying their stuff atm.

What have you been listening to and enjoying recently? I want all of the recommendations, haha.

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