Newcastle Gin Festival

I was invited to the Gin Festival in exchange for a review however, all views remain my own.

The other week I was lucky enough to spend World Gin Day at the Newcastle Gin Festival.
Gin Festival’s events are the biggest in the UK, so what a dream it was to be invited.
A quick refresh after work and we were eager to get down to the event at Newcastle Racecourse. As soon as you entered it was time to check in and receive your exclusive Gin Festival glass and brochure, I was very lucky to receive a couple extra treats too and we were gifted a £20 voucher towards tokens. The bars themselves were cash free so they had a token system on the first floor, each G&T was £5 and the cocktails were £10. You were also able to use cash or card which was very handy so you didn't have to worry about getting cash out before the event.

From the main stairwell you could here live music coming from the main room which made it all very exciting, so after we assessed our brochures we headed in to see where all the gins were at. In the brochure you could find a list of every single gin they had available or you could skip a few pages to the bar guides which gave you a more in-depth list and description of the gins each individual bar had. The bars were split up into British, International and Flavoured. Usually I like to try out the more local drinks but we found that we definitely gravitated towards the flavoured gins this time, delicious! With each gin description you also found out which Schweppes tonic was best paired with it, which garnish, where it was from and the ABV. All your answers in one place, very handy indeed. Overall, Kate and I went for three Gin and Tonics each, my choices were;


Elephant Sloe Gin
“A tasty addition to the Elephant Gin herd! Macerated sloe berries are added to the original Elephant for a gorgeous warming gin. Fresh and sweet, opening with a burst of sloe berries plus a hint of nuts and spice, followed by blackberry and, of course, sloe berries on the finish.”
Garnish: Orange
Pairs best with: 1783 Crisp Tonic Water
Germany | 35%

- I have only tried one sloe gin before and although it may not currently be your typical Sloe Gin season, I really wanted to give another a try and it was absolutely delicious. I love the blackberry and sloe berries together.

Sanction Gin Pomegranate and Jasmine
“A gorgeously light and fresh gin, bursting with fruity flavour and beautifully balanced by delicate floral notes. Opening with lightly sweet red fruits and a touch of jasmine, which continues on the palate, along with juniper, sweet and tart citrus and a hint of spice. A truly smooth gin that is very easy to drink!”
Garnish: Raspberry and Lemon
Pairs best with: 1783 Crisp Tonic Water
London, England | 38%

∙ This one was very intriguing to me as I wanted to see how the Jasmine came across with the pomegranate and it was definitely smooth and easy to drink, lovely!

Feckin’ Irish Gin
“This cheeky gin is bursting with citrus and herby notes, from the nose, to the finish. Made with just 5 (reckon’!) botanicals this Irish tipple has delicate candied lemon, juniper undertones and lemon sherbet alongside a hot of coriander and gorgeously light finish.”
Garnish: Lemon
Pairs best with: 1783 Crisp Tonic Water
Ireland | 40%

- I am a big fan of citrusy gins so this one was definitely my first choice, plus the name immediately had me hooked. *reads name and immediately hears Father Jack shouting DRINK!*

There was such an amazing range available with so many brands to discover. I’d definitely advise getting their earlier if you want more choice as they are only subject to availability so a couple bottles had ran out on the bars. Not a problem at all though when you’ve got so many more to choose from. With such a huge selection of gins the brochure is perfect as it makes the decision process a little easier rather than just looking at the bars and getting overwhelmed (if you’re any where near as indecisive as I am, hah).

I barely remember my last visit to Newcastle Racecourse but it was such a great venue for this event, in the main rooms there were a few high tables to use but I was pleasantly surprised to noticed that they still had the outdoor seating area available too. As it was such a busy evening we found ourselves outside to enjoy our drinks as the sun was still out, you could still hear the live music and you even got a lush view over the racecourse and Newcastle City Centre. It’s amazing when you’re able to sit there in Gosforth and still be able to point out all the spots you notice in town like Civic Centre and St James Park. Definitely a more grown up version of Eye Spy with a gin in hand.

As well as the main gin bars, the Gin Festival also had masterclasses, gin samples from some of the brand ambassadors, there was also food available, a photo booth area and gin cocktail bars. I'd definitely recommend the Gin Festival for an evening of delicious drinks, entertainment and a bit of gin education. Although I was invited on this occasion, it is definitely an event I would attend again on my own accord. Big thanks to Gin Festival for having me along!

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We Moved!


So the thing is, we have moved!

All the way back up North to our home city of Newcastle Upon Tyne. The thing is though, we moved in March and for some reason I have been putting off this post. There's no dramatic reason either, however, for a little while it didn't actually feel like we'd officially left Nottingham and were living back home permanently. It's a funny feeling, we lived there for 4 years so coming back home almost felt like we were just on a long holiday visiting family, etc.
Even though I left my job and we handed our house keys back over. Funny one, ey.

So the past couple of months have just been catching up with family and friends as well as starting a new job and sorting out our new place. But yeah, it's so lush being home and although anyone following me on Instagram and Twitter would have known about this ages ago, I figured it was about time I updated my blog. It ended up being such a last minute decision that it felt like we were just spending our time working, packing and then moved after only a few weeks which is why I didn't necessarily make a bit deal out of it on here. Then I got stuck in the trap that I couldn't post what I was planning until I had addressed that change. So here we are... Nottingham you were lush but we're back home in Newcastle.

Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

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