We Moved!


So the thing is, we have moved!

All the way back up North to our home city of Newcastle Upon Tyne. The thing is though, we moved in March and for some reason I have been putting off this post. There's no dramatic reason either, however, for a little while it didn't actually feel like we'd officially left Nottingham and were living back home permanently. It's a funny feeling, we lived there for 4 years so coming back home almost felt like we were just on a long holiday visiting family, etc.
Even though I left my job and we handed our house keys back over. Funny one, ey.

So the past couple of months have just been catching up with family and friends as well as starting a new job and sorting out our new place. But yeah, it's so lush being home and although anyone following me on Instagram and Twitter would have known about this ages ago, I figured it was about time I updated my blog. It ended up being such a last minute decision that it felt like we were just spending our time working, packing and then moved after only a few weeks which is why I didn't necessarily make a bit deal out of it on here. Then I got stuck in the trap that I couldn't post what I was planning until I had addressed that change. So here we are... Nottingham you were lush but we're back home in Newcastle.

Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

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